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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:34:35 -0500 (EST)
From: mrd[at] (Mitchell R Dickerman)
Subject: I hate you!

Just thought I'd add my two cents:

"16 Years" - this rawks. It's gonna be tremendous live - figure a 5 minute
version with "I hate you" repeated 20 times. This would fit pretty well
on a tape between the Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You" and the Stranglers
"Shut Up".

"The Truck Of Fear" makes me think of Spielberg's "Duel" - this crazy truck
coming after you. I would place it sound-wise on "Distressed Gentlefolk".

The other two tracks are pretty cool. The closer is especially fun.

Anyone know who's on the cover?

And is Alex Lee on the rest of the album, or just "16 Years"?

Now if we could just get Strangelove and the Blue Aeroplanes to tour with
Pat. Oooooo...


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