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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 16:18:42 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Message from Pat

i will forward this just as i received it:

JBC in PR catastrophe showdown.
Requesting back-up.

Suited, booted and even - shockingly - rehearsed,
the JBC were making their breakfast on thursday
morning, when the telephone rang.
'Do not,' it intoned,'go to London.'
It went on to tell us that the Borderline, a basement
club, had been flooded by a burst pipe, and was at that point
about three feet deep in water.
After a brief call to the club, where a distraught employee
confirmed this unlikely situation, the JBC found themselves
with no option but to forego their night out and stay home,
playing nothing to nobody for no money.
Which is bad enough, but what of all the people who might have
shown up to the Borderline that night?

David, can you print this spiel - or something of your own
devising - on the JBC web pages, to apologise to any people
who might have turned up, and to explain the situation.
I mean, we were dealing with the Seriously Inevitable here.
We don't want people getting daft ideas.
In a few days, the Borderline will re-schedule the show.
I imagine that anyone who had advance tickets for thursday should be able
to get them sorted out by the club.
Obviously, we'll advise of new date and so on.
Meanwhile, please assist the JBC in avoiding public ridicule
by explaining this ugly turn of events.Ta!

LP release date is 3rd April 1995.
We have escaped the clutches of Virgin France, which makes us very
happy.French JBC admirers can expect to hear more of the band from now on. And
the JBC will be at the Theatre Municipale, Pont-Audemer, Normandy
at 2:00 pm on 4th April.Special matinee performance.Not a joke.
Kathie has made a video for the scabrous '16 Years' single.
Look for it - hey, request the sucker - on your local pop tv.

Yours in the benevolent arms of the loving Baby Jesus,
Patrick Aloysius Fish
(JBC - Navigator)

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