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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 14:17:11 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: New photo scans

having discovered a slide scanner tucked into
an obscure room here at work, i am going through my JBC photo stack
and added some pix, more to come.

all photos are shown on the Web server, under "People/Gallery"

* 1) June 1994, Northampton: Pat and Kathie leaning towards each other for
* a kiss in front of the Vehicle Of Historical Interest - The Love Bus.
* i like the license plate: BRF (barf?)

* 2) same photo shoot: Karel Von Daemmerung (of the Black Eg) was
* visiting, so i had him give the big thumbs-up. i couldn't persuade
* Pat and Karel into a group shot.. i had 'em both there, but they just
* wouldn't go for it. egomanical non-pop non-stars.

for those without browsers, a .GIF thumbnail of the first photo is appended in
uuencoded format - use uudecode to extract under UNIX.

Jonathan Richman played this small town last sunday, but he wouldn't
play Roadrunner.. or Affection.. don't these old guys realize
that they are there to play audience requests? just who the hell
do they think they are by playing all new stuff, anyway.


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