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Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 10:22:17 -0800
From: camus[at] (Julian Stewart)
Subject: Fruitless searching...

Spent the better portion of yesterday scoping out Denver area
record stores, in search of jbc-related paraphenalia, among other things.

* It seems the small stash I found at Wax Trax! in Boulder was _the_
goldmine. None of the Denver stores I went to (at least 8 or 9) had more
than 2 jbc items, and of course, not a trace of Max's disc in any of the
used bins I combed.

* About the strangest things I found were "Edward's Closet" and a
CDS for "Shirley Maclaine," neither of which I bought.

* So now I'm relegated to being hopeful, but not optimistic, about
the deal with Fire being worked out quickly and efficiently. But of course,
record companies aren't known for such behavior! :) How many times has
"Illuminate" been pushed back now? And all to accomodate _Boo_Radleys_
releases? :)

* Just some blind bitching from an over-concerned fan....


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