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Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 09:51:54 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: "ultimate tour"

> After all, there are few European list members, or they
> are mostly keeping quiet.

Damn right. Time to be vocal.

It really annoys me. The man can tour the US and Europe but can he get off his
fat bum and go anywhere other than down the road to Slurps or nip down to
London to play? No he can't (apparently). Why the hell not? The Blue
Aeroplanes can make it to Edinburgh *twice* a year. Eight years I've lived
outside of London and not once has he played anywhere but sodding London and
equally sodding Northampton. Except maybe Bristol once or twice.

Extremely grumpy. Extremelier grumpier because Avalanche *sold* my sodding
copy of sodding Illuminate because I was in sodding London on sodding Monday
and didn't rush in at the first sodding moment to collect it. Some sodding JBC
fan out there has MY copy and I've got to wait until the sodding weekend.

sodding hell.


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