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Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 23:50:46 -0400
From: ethercat[at]
Subject: Twin Peaks and the sensitive Pat?

>For anyone who broke up with a girlfriend during the first run of Twin
>Peaks and then, a year later, listened to Racheland (I think) :

* I'm glad you brought up Twin Peaks. In Honey (is that the one you
meant?), Pat says, "all that Honey wants is someone to watch Twin Peaks
with", and the music in Monkeyface sounds so Twin Peaks-ish. (I think that's
it, I always have trouble remembering the names of instrumental songs.) Was
(or is, since Bravo's showing it) Pat a Twin Peaks fan? (Sorry if this has
been discussed... I loved it, btw. Got 'em all on tape.)

Funny isn't it? How people run right through you... (
Circle the rim of your life... And are gone............ )
Author unknown. The Great Speckled Bird, circa 1972. ( ethercat[at]

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