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Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 09:29:19 -0700
From: bigsix[at] (John Ford)
Subject: Marnie etc...

Well, kiddiwinks, two in a day.....I was kicking around in the
super-amazing Web site, and noticed a couple things I wanted to throw
open to the whole panel. The "Marnie" single listed there has the same
catalogue number as the one I have (Glass 12033), but different song
listings. Mine has Marnie (Miaow Mix) on the 45RPM A-Side, and Zombie
Love, Girls Who Keep Goldfish, Sweet Jane, and Cowgirl Fever on the 33
RPM B-side. Some cute notes on the back, too, which I'd be happy to
share if there were demand for it.

Also, was the track listing for "The Gift Of Music" for the CD? I've got
the vinyl and it only has nine songs on it and NO liner notes. Hate to
think I was missing something.

"Psychopaths and violins"
* ---JBC, Racheland

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