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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 02:35:18 CST
From: JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]>
Subject: Illuminate

Hi all.

* Illuminate is the best JBC record of the 90's, in my opinion. This
* record has so many good songs on it, I can't even begin to rave enough
* about them.

* When Eno Sings, Cute Submarines, Ugliest Song in the World, and Old
* Snakey are my initial favorites. Somebody else say something
* constructive about it, since all I can seem to do right now is gush.

* Oh yeah, Reckless Records in Chicago got one - count 'em, ONE - copy of
* Illuminate. I went there on Friday, and they couldn't find the cd. They
* had the case, but the cd was missing.

* The cover photo is the same as that of the single - a woman with candles
* on all of her fingers, and on her head. Get it? Illuminate?
* If it wasn't for candle #11 on her head, i'd say it had something to do
* with it being his 10th non-live non-compilation lp.

* bye

* -joe

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