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Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 23:46:18 -0700
From: camus[at] (Julian Stewart)
Subject: Illuminate

Think I've finally listened to it enough to offer my 1.999 cents
on the subject.

* It definitely sounds like a more "carefree" effort than "Love Bus";
there are certainly less moments of "token art misery" and the like. This
sounds like a bunch of guys who had much fun in the studio.

* This is also one of the better-balanced JBC albums I've heard--
ther's no particular song that really jumps up and kicks me in the ass,
but neither is there one that sends me running for the Rolaids. It makes
for an almost thematic listening experience.

* "Sixteen Years" is a great tune for pissing people off. It was
used effectively tonight on two customers who diddled around the store
20 minutes after we'd closed. I think they'd got the idea by the second
chorus... :) Sorry for using your work out of its proper context, Pat...

* I'd have to agree that there's nothing particularly new here;
it's standard fodder for the enthusiasts, as I think Pat himself said. It
wouldn't be the album I'd play for a prospective convert.

* I certainly think Pat's proved his durability here; he's one of
the few musicians who started in that post-punk/new wave explosion of
the early eighties and continue to make meaningful music today.

* Well worth the import price...


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