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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 02:22:16 -0400
From: ethercat[at]
Subject: No Illuminate, Jealousy, Discovery...

>Now, after having read all the glowing reviews of "Illuminate", I have turned
>pea-green, still waiting for a copy to show up in my sleepy little

* I looked today, didn't find it yet, checked the cut-outs for older stuff
(no), and was about to leave when I thought, "Hmmm, Blue Aeroplanes... I
wonder... Never heard 'em, but the people on the jbc list seem to like
them..." I checked, they had Life Model, and I liked it on the first
listen. Thanks, y'all, for mentioning them. (I'll have to go back and read
those posts more carefully now.)

Ann <who now has a fix till Illuminate shows up>

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