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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 10:09:00 GMT
From: joen[at]
Subject: No Illuminate, Jealousy, Discovery...

I had a great day on Saturday. I went to Virgin (not-so-mega) store in
downtown Kingston (Surrey, England) to see if I could get a copy of
Illuminate (HMV only had Western Family...).

I not only found two copies of Illuminate, but also a copy of
Fishcoteque! Saturday was indeed a great day.

> I looked today, didn't find it yet, checked the cut-outs for older stuff
> (no), and was about to leave when I thought, "Hmmm, Blue Aeroplanes... I
> wonder... Never heard 'em, but the people on the jbc list seem to like
> them..." I checked, they had Life Model, and I liked it on the first
> listen. Thanks, y'all, for mentioning them. (I'll have to go back and read
> those posts more carefully now.)

When you get a copy of Illuminate, you *may* find that there are two
tracks which have Blue Aeroplanes ``inspired'' guitar. If you take out
the vocals from ``When Eno Sings'' and ``Land'' you have classic Blue
Aeroplanes guitar - I proceeded to scan through my Blue Aeroplanes
CD's and ``Aeroplane Blues'' seemed to be the track that I was
thinking of when listening to ``When Eno Sings''.

I think Illuminate is great - no bad tracks yet, and ``When Eno
Sings'' is brilliant. It could/should be a hit in any lifetime.

Nice touch with the mailing list and WWW address on the sleeve.



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