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Date: Mon, 01 May 1995 15:24:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: DUNNKC[at]
Subject: new kid on the block

i just joined this thingy and thought i'd say hi.
i've been a jazz butcher fan since around '85. but the last album i bought
was fishcoteque (sp) which i thought was, how can i say this,
disappointing. since then i haven't listened to anything recent and have
relied on my old favorites.
i was wandering thru some band lists and stumble onto the jbc home page
and thought i would subscribe. after reading everyone's comments, i guess
i'd better go out and buy the new album. i have looked at many of the
post-fish albums but none have ever accompanied me to the cash register.
if i ever see a paycheck again, i promise i will buy the newest release.
if anyone cares to know why i was wandering through band lists it was
because i was trying to see how much exposure my band's home page has
gotten. the name of my band is SIVLE SI DOG (backwards, baby) and you can
visit it (and hear our latest single) at http:\
be warned it is loud and noisy, but i like to think that the butcher
himself would like us. even punk rock geeks like me love the jazz butcher.


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