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Date: 01 May 95 19:18:10 EDT
From: Mike Egli <75402.2040[at]>
Subject: Hello

Hello, my name is Mike Egli and I'm new to the list. I've been enlightened to
the Butcher for about 9 years now, my first contact was through Bloody Nonsense,
(an album which to answer Wayne Wise's question is an exceptional album to play
for / loan to the uninitiated). Since then I have collected in one form or
another the whole JBC catalog. My friend Tom, who introduced me to the JBC, has
an extensive collection of outtakes and demo's and live versions from Pat most
of which he has forwarded to me.

He (my friend Tom, that is) is also working on a storyboard for a video for the
song When Eno Sings. I'll try to get any details that I can from him next time
we talk. Considering video's the only JBC video I've ever seen is Angels,
anyone familiar with any others? I've heard from Tom (from Pat) that at the
same time they did Angels they were able to do another video but that it was
never released. Anyone? Anyone?

Oh yeah, I took one of the pictures on the Western Family CD liner. The one of
the two people (Tom Peterson and Cathy Carter) in the Teacup ride at

One final comment, the way I first learned of the JBC was through the liner
notes on a Bauhaus album that gave a discography of all the members of Bauhaus.
The notes showed David J working with the JBC, that's how me and most of my
friends first found out about the Butcher, anybody else discover him this way?

The Egg

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