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Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 15:56:30 +0200
From: Per.Stam[at] (Per Stam)
Subject: New conspirant

suddenly lots of e-mail through the jbc-list. Well fine, but who am I (etc)?

I started looking for the JBC homepage after browsing through the info on
the new Illuminate CD. And from the homepage...
* ...but I wonder, why is the album discography empty between 1988
and 1995? Is there a time problem that will be solved by time?

When did I hear JB the first time? Possibly when A Scandal in Bohemia was
purchased by a friend with the left side to my right side of a big record
collection. (Now when he's moved to another town it has taken me years to
regain the left side, Scandal-wise.)

Favourite records? Well, I saw a good way of putting it in a JBC-review,
"that fantastic jazz butcher sampler in the sky", i.e. I love those
popsongs, but some records are a bit uneven... But fishcoteque, A
Scandal..., Distressed Gentlefolks, Sex and Travel, Cult of the Basement,
Waiting for the love bus are all good albums. No, I haven't bought the new
one yet.
* And I really think Western Family should have been produced. OK
Velvet 1969 Live is a favourite but that was lots of years ago (I guess
you've all discussed this already)...

Apart from JBC, I quite like the obvious choices: GoBetweens (& post),
Triffids (& post), Velvet, Orange Juice (&post - "I don't care for Quinn
and Collins" he sang (Soul Happy Hour), but I do care), Jonathan Richman (&
pre), Feelies, Felt and soul. And... and...



who really think Creation/Revola should by the rights to the old albums and
make 26 song-CDs of them, including singles-tracks etc.

who really wants to hear Olof Palme after reading the lyrics!

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