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Date: Tue, 02 May 95 11:02:03 CDT
From: Andrew McDonald <ALDVAM0[at]-remove-NUACVM.ACNS.NWU.EDU>
Subject: New conspirant

OK, I know it's trivial, but Per Stam (per.stam[at] in detailing
his favorite non-JBC bands wrote:
>Orange Juice (&post - "I don't care for Quinn
>and Collins" he sang (Soul Happy Hour), but I do care)

I've never been able to make out this line and now that I have, I still don't
get the reference. OK, it's Quinn (Paul) and Collins (Edwyn) but why are
they lumped together and what does one suppose Pat doesn't care for?

I try not to let things like this bother me, but.....


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