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Date: Tue, 02 May 1995 22:04:24 -0500 (EST)
From: PALMATA[at]
Subject: Enough, already!

Grade D but Edible wrote:

>This group is starting to sound like a virtual twelve-step meeting. "Hullo, my
>name is Skeezix and I'm a fishaholic...."

>Seriously -- it's the only group I belong to where "Hello, I'm new to the group
>and wantto introduce myself..." and misdirected unsubs outnumber meaningful
>posts. Sheesh...

I just get done saying to somebody on this list how great the people are and
then I get this crap in my mailbox. When I joined this list there was an open
invitation by David himself in the message to INTRODUCE YOURSELF. It's not the
new people's fault if a whole bunch of them got on at the same time--this
address is printed in the liner notes of the new album, after all--what do you
expect to happen? They were just following what the hello message said to do.
I'm very greatful that there is a mailing list for the JBC; it makes me feel
that maybe Pat's not such an obscure artist after all. It's nice to know that
there are others out there that like him, especially since I'm probably the only
one in my area (or it seems that way). I personally like reading some of these
intro messages--I've wound up finding a couple of people that were at the same
JBC concert I was at because of them, as well as people that got into Pat
through the David J. connection (like me:). As for the unsub messages, just
delete the blighters and FORGET ABOUT IT! Man, now I'm all bummed out--I just
hope that this doesn't start a flame war, cause this is one of the only lists
I've never seen one of those on. Besides the fact that David actually sends some
of this stuff to Pat, and now that I think about it it was probably a bad idea
to do this but I just couldn't bear to see that stinky message ignored. It's not
nice to get me angry.:) Hey, just be thankful that you're not on a mailing list
where the digest version almost entirely consists of page-long intro letters
(Catherine Wheel, anybody?). Now THAT tends to get a bit annoying.

* --Tracy

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