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Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 12:13:18 +0000
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Illuminate Lyrics / Triffids

I shall say it again. My first attempt at deciphering the lyrics to Illuminate
is at


and just as soon as more than one person looks at them and corrects them,
I will send them on to David. I was going to give up and post them today
because otherwise someone else might type them in as well and then someone [me]
would have wasted their time. HOWEVER they are far from correct and I know
that once the lyrics make it onto the JBC pages, corrections are hard to
come by. So I'm leaving them there where it doesn't matter for a few more days.

PLEASE help me out, I've got cloth ears.

On a not entirely related note, The Triffids.

the local listings rag dotes on the Triffids, it's quite funny actually. That
doesn't mean that they are anything other than ignored by the general public,

The UK reissues of the early four Triffids albums (up to Calenture) have been
out for about a month now. Not that you'd know it if you went into a record
store in the UK. They're midprice as well, which should give those on a tight
budget something to cheer about.

Early Triffids are 'rockier' than Calenture, or at least rougher round the
edges. A smashing album to pick up if you can is their Live album but it's
hard to find these days and not part of the reissue catalogue.

"Evil" Graham Lee has a band called the Blackeyed Susans which has a sort of
shadowy David McComb presence (vocals on one song, co-authorship on six more)
Less religious than McComb's admittedly splendid solo effort, although the
symbolism is still rife ("This one eats souls" is a cracking track).

It's probably going out on a limb, but although McComb's various works are
initially rather bland, repeated listening leads me to the conclusion that
he is a GOD of popular music.

I'd just like to introduce myself to the li....*ack!*


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