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Date: Sun, 7 May 1995 18:23:57 -0700
From: del[at] (David Whittemore)
Subject: Let's get some things clear.

hello everyone - this is david whittemore, the guy who, when you heard
Susie through the walls, opened the door and invited you in.

the events of the last couple of weeks (massive increase in jbc-list
subscription, me moving and not being able to immediately manage things,
the address being printed on the album) couldn't have been much worse
in contributing to the increasing chaos here.

this is what i fear - guests will begin ashing on the floor, not
flushing the toilet, and not asking when they want to
hear something else on the stereo. such are the risks of large
unorganized parties. up to very recently, this was not a problem,
but it is becoming difficult to get through to the bar, let alone
give everyone a friendly word.

now discussion veers toward the brink of SomethingElseEntirely,
in which case i suggest participants take it to the bedroom where
we don't have to see it, or across the hall where the Nirvana is playing.

the capacity of this room appears to be about 200, right now there
are 190. the cops may appear if you insist on shouting or being
rude to one another. we should all be friends and get back to the
party now. just remember why you came.

the guy at the bar

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