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Date: 12 May 95 23:07:29 EDT
From: Mike Egli <75402.2040[at]>
Subject: Cute Submarines

Okay, heard a lot of comments about Cute Submarine's, here's a interesting fact
about the lyric

* "Here come the girls with the candles on their heads."

Apparently when they were working on the song someone in the band, (I apologize
for not remembering who it was) said that it sounded like ABBA (I don't hear it
but I guess they did). There is a Swedish holiday of some sort or another
(maybe someone can fill us in on what it is and it's significance) where girls
walk around with candles on their head. Sounds dangerous to me, don't use too
much hairspray during that holiday. Anyway ABBA being Swedish and all ...
that's where the line came from.

If I get any more tidbits I'll pass em on.

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