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Date: Sat, 13 May 95 11:32:17 -0500
From: greg0003[at] (Amy E M Gregoret)
Subject: a lurker is moved to speak

Driving into school the other morning, listening to either the local
(non-NPR) public radio or a college station, not paying attention to the
nondescript tune on . . . then over the 'waves came floating the
unmistakable kick-in to, of all things, "Soul Happy Hour." Made me want to
grab the husband, take the day off and have a gin sling, cointreau or brandy
sour in the park. I don't know that I've ever heard anything other than the
"She's" songs on the radio, unless I played them myself (way back when).

I'm very pleased with "Illuminate," which I've had now for about a month,
give or take. (And the 'a' is pronounced schwa-like, right, not long? And
is it an adjective or a noun? I concede, it's a more catchy title than
"Your Kids Are All Evil" . . .) Patrons of the record store where I "work"
have been unable to buy it there because co-worker and I nabbed the only
copies ordered (they're a bit of a pricey investment for a small store, and
it *will probably come out domestically [um, I hope?]). "Cute Submarines"
was the easy first favorite, and "Lulu;" and as an aspiring paleontologist
I'm naturally fond of "Land." And I dearly hope for a First Avenue stop on
any forthcoming tour . . . it's been some three or four years.

I'm also making a concerted effort to turn on a 36 year-old physicist (a
professor) to our friend the Fish, among others. "Honey" seems to be the
first song to have struck, but he was duly entertained by "The Gift of
Music" when I loaned it to him. Message to Pat: you are almost certainly
subtly affecting the format and content of a quantum physics exam some
unlucky bastard is taking in Minneapolis this month. Aaiiieeee.

Hey, I feel everything too, when Eno sings!


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