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Date: Sun, 21 May 95 02:10:15 -0500
From: greg0003[at] (Amy E M Gregoret)
Subject: Eno at al

(and, on trivia, note that this is the second time Pat's used that album
title in a song . . . in "Forever" [which is, I think, on the Conspiracy
(You'll Be Alright) 12"], he lists "Taking Tiger Mountain" as "a thing of
beauty," which, as we know, "is a joy forever.")

I'd have to concur with Sr. Edible on the high-points issue ("Paris 1919,"
wow--incidentally, Sally Timms of the Mekons covers "Half Past France"
country style on her new record), although I'm torn between "Taking Tiger"
and "Warm Jets" as far as Eno's concerned. The former was long my soothing
remedy for having taken too many drugs or being in a bad way; the latter is
just (!) an astounding fifth-gear flow of composed mayhem. I read somewhere
a long time ago that he made up all the lyrics while standing at the mike
recording. I dunno, I just can't suspend disbelief that much.

(re: Eno productions--how bout "Fear of Music"? Not that I have anything
against Devo.)

I have a pair of sweatpants which I painted on when I was sixteen (that's
nine years ago), and one of the things they proclaim is that "ENO IS GOD."

So it's not so far off subject. Eno collaborated with Cale, who wrote "Fear
(is a Man's Best Friend)," which David J, who happily was/is part of the JBC
crew, covered. So there you go. Concentric circles or some such. Short
paths, in any case.


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