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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 03:58:08 -0400
From: Lesterfarr[at]
Subject: LP VS CD

>>A question: Was Illuminate released on vinyl anywhere? If so, was there any
>>difference in the track listing? Kind of a geeky question, I know...

sonia[at] wrote:
>I've got Illuminate on lp, however, I don't know if the tracks are
>different because I don't have the CD!

Well, here's the CD track listing:

1. a great visitation of elephants
2. sixteen years
3. cute submarines
4. lulu's nightmare
5. beetle george
6. truck of fear
7. old snakey
8. blues for dead dean reed
9. when eno sings
10. waiting for sumo
11. the ugliest song in the world
12. scarlett
13. cops and hospitals
14. surf gear in idaho
15. land
16. true stories

And the sixteen years CD single:

1. sixteen years
2. truck of fear
3. surf gear in idaho
4. waiting for sumo

(I got the single a few weeks before I saw Illuminate, and I thought that at
least one or two of the tracks must be extras, but no such luck.)

I guess I'm curious about the LP because in my head it's still 1985, and
record albums are still the "original" release, and CDs are curious new
things which feature "extra" tracks to entice folks to buy them instead of
the vinyl. Of course I made the format switch like so many others: I don't
even own a turntable at the moment... :)

Fred Wheaton

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