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Date: Sun, 04 Jun 1995 09:37:46 -0400
From: sonia[at] (Sonia Bovio)
Subject: LP VS CD

Here's the modification
>Well, here's the CD track listing:
>1. a great visitation of elephants
>2. sixteen years
>3. cute submarines
>4. lulu's nightmare
>5. beetle george
(not on lp)>6. truck of fear
>(6)7. old snakey
(7. Land)
(Next side)
>(5 on lp)8. blues for dead dean reed
>(1)9. when eno sings
>(not on lp)10. waiting for sumo
>(2)11. the ugliest song in the world
>(3)12. scarlett
>(4)13. cops and hospitals
>(not on lp)14. surf gear in idaho
>15. land
>(6)16. true stories

So the single (which I bought on cd cause that's all I could get) Does have
bonus tracks when you compare it to the album. Interesting order change too.
I wonder if that makes my listen to it different than everyone else's.

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