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Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 14:51:59 -0500
From: greg0003[at] (Amy E M Gregoret)
Subject: jeez, sorry, oops, mea culpa

Awright, fine, so I guess I fucked up then. I certainly didn't intend for
it to be an advertisement, and I guess in retrospect I shouldn't have even
given the subscription information then. I have no stake in this magazine
(which is, so sorry, about music, film, culture 'n' stuff, with a bit of
poetry and comics thrown in . . . quality stuff, too), I just contribute a
short column to it as a favor to a friend and to keep my oars in the water,
so to speak.

I posted it to the list because, well, I thought somebody might be
interested. It's not hugely off-topic, as the first quick review is of
"Illuminate," and I suspect that several of the other records and things
reviewed therein might suit the fancy of JBC fans as well. I didn't send it
as an ascii text because I thought the layout and picture and stuff turned
out kinda nifty. I did give warning of the size and kind of file it is, and
suggested that if one did not possess Winword capabilities, that one would
probably not get it. I have no idea, Alex[at]-remove-trinket, why it would come out
infested with slashes. Possibly that new Guns 'n' Roses virus has invaded
your computer.

In short, I again wholeheartedly apologize, I guess, for ever thinking of
doing such a thing as this. If anyone would like to piss and moan, I'd
suggest that they, like, piss and moan directly at me, rather than at the
list, just to keep things civilized.


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