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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 16:19:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dawn Higgins <dawne[at]>
Subject: Illuminate and such

Hi all! Greg here.

Having finally procured my own copy of Illuminate, I thought I'd drop
my own $.02 to the group.

In all, I find "the difficult tenth" to be one of the strongest JBC
discs to date. I'm still quite fond of Distressed Gentlefolk, but this
new one ranks up there as a great one. David J's production adds a depth
and lushness that's just wonderful. Thanks David. Perhaps further
collaborations...? Somebody posted a bit about Max Eider a short while ago?
Just imagine the possibilities!

"Surf Gear in Idaho" now joins the short list of my all time favorite JBC
songs. I guess my other faves would be "Racheland","Big Saturday","The
Human Jungle","Pineapple Tuesday","Who Loves You Now", and "Domestic
Animal." It seems impossible even to pick just these 7.

Back to Illuminate, I also love "Scarlett","When Eno Sings", and "Sixteen
Years". Actually, the're all great! If I listen to "Land" in the morning,
I end up singing "a world without people..." the rest of the day.

I'll stop my rambling. Please Pat, with an disc this good, don't ignore
Seattle when you're touring the states.

* -- Greg

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