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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 22:06:25 +0000
From: "Kirk Biglione" <kirkb[at]-remove-server1.DELTANET.COM>
Subject: when robert anton wilson sings

Finally found that damn Illuminate in Pasadena. Sorry to hear about
all of the extra copies floating around London. So much for the
theory of supply and demand.

I've listened to it exactly once and it already sounds like an old
favorite. Life is good.

Has anyone out there read the Illuminatus Trillogy by Robert Anton
Wilson? Any speculation on the possibility that Mr. Fish might be a
Wilson reader?

The Justified and Ancient Mu quotation, along with the Hagbard
Celinesque submarine logo seem to suggest that Pat's conspiracy might
actually be a part of the larger CONSPIRACY.

"Meow Damn It!"
The Psychedelic Tabby Cabal

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