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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 11:27:09 +0000
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Survey Results...

due to a perfectly timed terrible computer disaster, the results
are going to be a little later than planned. (They're safe, you'll
be glad to know, but processing will have to wait.)

Anyway, I have to say at the moment that I am more concerned for
the future of my thesis, which is also somewhere in the bowels of
this defunct box.

As a sop to the masses, I thought I'd share the JBC Tribute Album
results in full. Recall, if you will, being asked to suggest neat
cover versions (or people to cover them) of JBC songs... the
results are quite amusing in a limited way.

Proposed Title: "Don't Mess With Perfection"

The Breeders
The Fall Southern Mark Smith
Crowded House
Warren Zevon
Stephen Merritt Partytime
Shonen Knife Hungarian Love Song
Neil Young Catherine Wheeler's B-day Present
Sonic Youth Girl Go
Lou Reed
Luna Partytime
Half Man Half Biscuit Sweetwater
Marshall Crenshaw Still & All
Nanci Griffith Angels

Luna Southern Mark Smith
Johnny Cash
Jimmy Page/Robert Plant Bicycle Kid
They Might Be Giants Zombie Love
REM Girls Say Yes
Madonna ("Just Like Betty Page"?)
Crash Test Dummies
The Fleshtones
Nick Cave Angels
The Orb Penguins
Rod Stewart Forever

Any further additions? What could the ones without songs sing?

ed, in nerdshock

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