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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 22:45:46 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: Folk & the JB

The music class that I'm taking has started covering the 60's folk
revival, which allows me to make two sophomoric comments sort of about
a question I posed earlier ("folk punk").

Pat puts a lot of emphasis on his lyrics. He doesn't usually write
music to dance to... and perhaps that is why he still doesn't put
lyrics in the album sleeve. It makes you take the time to really
listen to the song, and really listen to him. Sure, the words can be
put on a page, but it can't express how Pat sings them, or how the
music supports them.

The other thing is the folk/alternative attitude, of being apart from
general society. For folk musicians it can be rural vs urban... for
Pat, I suppose left vs right in politics, and then there's the whole
issue of the press and, I guess, popularity.

"His mind's a blank" Chris

* Christopher Camfield ccamfield[at]
* 1996 BMath Joint CS/C&O [1998 BA Classical Studies]

"Funny when we move ahead, never worry what we leave behind..." (N. Finn)

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