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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 21:18:45 EDT
From: VTHF78A[at] ( GEOFF MAZER)
Subject: JBC Vinyl For Sale

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm forced to sell my
collection of Jazz Butcher Vinyl. All the albums and 45's are in
excellant condition. I'm going to let the bunch go at market value
if there is any interest. Following is what I have to offer:

"Bath Of Bacon" Glass Records
(songs include; Gloop Jiving, Jazz Butcher Theme, Partytime, Bigfoot
Motel, Sex Engine Thing, Chinatown, Zombie Love, Grey Flanellette, La
Mer, Poisoned by Food, Love Kittens, Bath Of Bacon, Girls Who Keep

"A Scandal In Bohemia" Glass Records
(songs include; Southern Mark Smith, Real Men, Soul Happy Hour, I
Need Meat, Just Like Betty Page, Marnie, CAroline WHeeler's Birthday
Present, Mind Like A Playground, Girlfriend, My Desert)

"Gift Of Music" Glass Records
(songs include; Southern Mark Smith, Marnie, Roadrunner, Real Men,
The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula, Zombie Love, Rain, The Jazz
Butcher Meets The Prime Minister, Water)

"Hamburg" Glass Records (Excellant sounding live recording)
(songs include; Bath Of Bacon, Soul Happy Hour, Death Dentist, Walk
With The Devi, Rain, Roadrunner, The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula,
* Bigfoot Motel, Real Men, Only A Rumour, Girlfriend, Sweet Jane)

"Sex And Travel" Glass Records
(songs include; Big Saturday, Holiday, Red Pets, Only A Rumour,
President Reagan's Birthday Present, What's the Matter Boy?, Walk
With The Devil, Down The Drain)

"Distressed Gentlefolk" Bigtime Records
(songs include; Falling In Love, Big Bad Thing, Still In The Kitchen,
* Hungarian Love Song, The New World, Who Loves You Now, Domestic
Animal, Buffalo Shame, Nothing Special, Angels)

"Fishcotheque" Relativity Records
(songs include; Next Move Sideways, Out Of Touch, Get It Wrong,
Living In A Village, Swell, Looking For Lot 49, The Best Way,
Chickentown, Susie, Keeping The Curtains Closed)

"Big Planet, Scarey Planet Creation Records
(songs include; New Invention, Line Of Death, Hysteria, The Word I
Was Looking For, Bicycle Kid, Burglar Of Love, Nightmare Being, Do
The Bubonic Plague, Bad Dream Lover, The Good Ones)

The Following are 45rpm that are oversized and look like 33 1/3rpm:

"Roadrunner" Glass Records
(songs include; Roadrunner, Rain, Drink)

"Conspiracy" Glass Records
(songs include; Conspiracy, Forever, Peter Lorre, Big Old World)

"Hard" Glass Records
(Hard, Grooving In The Bus Lane, Vieana Song, Thing)

Finally, real 45rpms that have picture cover sleeves:

Southern Mark Smith b/w The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula

The Human Jungle b/w Death Dentist

So that's the list. I will spend the next week or so checking my box
to see if there is any interest. First priority will go to market
value and desire to buy in lot.

My loss is someone's gain.

Geoff Mazer

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