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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 13:21:52 GMT
From: joen[at]
Subject: pat & max

Mike Kelly and myself made it to the gig. We missed both the support,
so no comment there. The band looked very smart - apparently because
Pat has to dress up when he plays drums for the Strange Attractors!

Mostly new stuff from Illuminate. Opened with Rosemary Davis (one of
my favourites). Played Cute Submarines, When Eno Sings amongst others
- a pen would have come in handy :-)

Overall they were pretty hot - the best I have seem them, but they
only played for an hour which was a bit disappointing. Crowd was
biggish, enthausiastic and there was even dancing!



> >Subject: pat & max
> >
> >a quick report on last night's jazz butcher show for you....
> >
> >I arrived in time for the last 15 minutes of max eider's set - he
> >came on at 8.30, finshed just after 9. Finished with "It had to
> >be you" and "Drink," looked cool in shades, backed by a girl
> >singer and man in cardigan playing harmonica.
> >
> >Middle band, Ubu Swirl, bass, cello acc & elc gtrs, drony &
> >velvety, Ok for 10 minutes, kinda dull for 40.
> >
> >Jazz Butcher Conspiracy were HOT to match the conditions.
> >Pat & his bass player were dumb enough to wear 3-piece suits
> >but managed to survive.I didn't recognise much of what they
> >played (new stuff, I guess, plus one cover of a Strange Attractors
> >song who Pat apparently place drums for, and one song by some
> >guy that lives in the Alps).
> >
> >Got called back for one encore, where Pat called Max up on stage
> >(back from propping up the corner of the bar) where after a little
> >on-stage cuddle he got to play guitar on a rocking "Zombie Love."
> >Then it was curfew and we had to go home. The JBC hadn't played
> >for a while, but that only showed in enthusiasm and not sloppiness.
> >

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