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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 13:22:15 -0700
From: del[at]
Subject: Phone call from Pat..

just got off the phone with pat (gotta stop giving out my work #..)
and he wanted me to pass along THIS:

Those old albums:
* the JBC and fire records signed a deal long months ago to
* re-issue the early glass-era albums.
* for those wishing to speed the process along, pat encourages
* you to phone up fire records and let them know what you think
* about fire's being so damned SLOW with the process:
* fire records -fax 181 806 8021,
* phone 181 806 9922
* they are also in need of need american label to distribute them.
* waste a dollar/mark/yen/franc/guilder/lire/pound and get
* on their ass. this is something we can DO.
The new album:
* in Canadia: sony will distribute - date not yet known
* in USA: not yet lined up - anyone want to bitch to Sony?

* 22 aug - the fox & hound, great brighton, N.H.
* pat & dave j duo
* 28 aug - the fridge 3 festival - 5pm slurps wino bar, N.H.
* strangelove
* slipstream
* strange tractors
* pat acoustic
* eider (maybe playing) & maybe w/dave j
* 11 sep - big wood club roadmender, N.H.
* jbc acoustic
* support: paul mulreany
* 13 sep - upstairs garage, london
* eider supports
* & tim sampson

* the black eg are back in britain

overall, he sounded happy.
the new album is being received well and the gigs are piling up.
i asked him if the UK press were viewing the eider move as being on
the par with a Smith's reunion and he said "no, of course not"

us tour?
no plans yet.

"and so we checked out this duck (quack)
* who laid a big egg oh so black
* it shone just like gold" - brian eno

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