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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 22:48:49 -0400
From: DZembower[at]
Subject: Condition Blue

Chris Camfield wrote:

"I was in a record store late last week and to my utter delight managed
to snatch up a copy of the Creation release of Condition Blue. Never
again will I have to program my CD to be able to listen to CB right!
I suppose it was kind of a ridiculous purchase, but..."

Chris, I remember you mentioning the "correct" sequence of CB before. I was
curious as to whether it really makes a difference. Ridiculous purchase?
* Hmmmmm......

BTW, a local Coconuts Records here in Chicago has quite a few *new* copies of
CB on disc for very little cash ($4 or $5 I think). What, is there a
surplus? Must have been a poor seller.

On another note, I finally managed to pick up a copy of Illuminate during my
recent move to Chicago (actually, the CD store in Rochester, MN happened to
come up with a copy literally days before I moved!), and I am not the least
bit impressed. With all the rave reviews which emanated from this list, I
was expecting much more than the CD actually delivered. This is by far my
least favorite JBC disc I own, and has received very little play time on my
rack since the first week or so that I found it. Give my Fishcotheque or
Cult of the Basement anytime!! Illuminate sounds too early '80's, too much
synthesizer, too many "tinny" sounding vocal tracks. Maybe it will grow on
me...I wasn't too fond of Love Bus for a while, but now I appreciate it more.
* Illuminate has a long way to go, though...

Dave Zembower

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