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Date: 21 Aug 1995 15:03:25 -0500
From: Steve Hill <shill[at]>
Subject: Condition Blue

In <950820224728_59234681[at]>, DZembower[at] wrote:
> On another note, I finally managed to pick up a copy of Illuminate..., and I
> am not the least
> bit impressed. With all the rave reviews which emanated from this list, I
> was expecting much more than the CD actually delivered. This is by far my
> least favorite JBC disc I own, and has received very little play time on my
> rack since the first week or so that I found it.

Having finally had a chance to digest Illuminate, I disagree. I think it's my
favorite since Big Planet Scarey Planet. Condition Blue and Love Bus never
grew too much on me (Cult of the Basement did, but it took a while). There are
a lot of great, memorable, and *distinctive* songs on this one. It's a pity I
had to go to Canada to find a copy!

Any JBC fans in Chicago area: I'm a club DJ, and I'm planning on doing a JBC
feature night soon, *possibly* September 20. I'll let everyone know. If
there's not gonna be a US tour, it's the best I can do for Chicago to
compensate. Loads of JBC music all night. Keep your eyes glued to your screens
(or check the reader ads for Club 950).

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