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Date: 08 Sep 95 09:30:53 EDT
From: Dave Coverly <102350.3204[at]>
Subject: fire records/out of print cd's

The person to contact at Fire is Bridget Clay--I called to find out about old
jbc reissues, and she promptly faxed back. According to her, there are no plans
for release this year, unfortunately. Still, it's worth bugging them (0181 806

Big Questions and Scandal are nearly impossible to find on vinyl, much less cd.
However, there's a listing for Spooky in a catalogue from Sprockets out of
Wyandotte, Michigan (313) 284-2212. That's where I got mine. At one time they
also had the Girl Go cd single, with the unreleased b-side "Excellent," plus a
couple of live things. Good luck.
On that note, if anybody out there has Scandal and/or Big Questions in any
format that they could tape for me, I'd be happy to pay or broker a swap for
some rare jbc stuff I've got.
Dave Coverly

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