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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 09:20:56 -0700
From: gdavis[at] (Glen A. Davis)
Subject: various

Hi there fellow JBC fans. After not being around for many months, (I
moved) I'm back and need to catch up. What's the news about Fire records
releasing something? I thought some other company was going to reissue old
JB stuff last year but it never happened.
* I finally moved to a city (San Diego) so that means a whole new crop
of cd stores to browse through for jbc stuff. So far the only mentionable
is I found an Australian pressing of a jbc maxi single -- Shirley Maclaine,
at a used store. I also ordered Illuminate as soon I heard it was out. It
cost me 22 smackers but worth it. I started thinking though, since I
ordered an import version instead of waiting for the domestic release, does
that mean it'll appear as though the US is not buying JBC stuff? No wonder
Pat never tours over here anymore, they keep releasing JBC material first in
Europe and all us US fans order it before its even released here.
* I have a tape deck at work and have been listening to the Western
Family Pre-master (thanks again David) constantly. To my surprise none of
the people around here have asked, "wow, who are you listening to, that's
fantastic!". Oh well, the people I work with all listen exclusively to
classical music.
* Cheers,
* Glen
* Glen Davis
* San Diego, CA
* (619) 626-2121

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