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Date: 19 Sep 1995 17:13:34 -0500
From: Steve Hill <shill[at]>
Subject: JBC night Chicago

REPOST as warned. Note, I didn't get *any* feedback after the first post. It's
not going to be cancelled, but I'm going to be playing JBC throughout the night
anyway whether it's just for myself or if others are there. :)

Chicago conspirators, keep the night of Wednesday September 27 open.
You'll want to go to Club 950 for a night featuring Jazz Butcher music.
In lieu of a concert tour, I have decided to do what little I can for Chicago
and abuse my power as a club DJ to have a JBC night.

Club 950 is at 950 West Wrightwood, the corner of Lincoln, Sheffield, and
Wrightwood. (Take Fullerton exit from either 90/94 or LSD.) There will be no
cover, but the club is 21+. Open from 9:00 until about 1:45. I will be playing
JBC not exclusively but probably 85% of the time. I'm currently seeking copies
of early material (like Sex & Travel) but I have almost everything including
Illuminate, so you'll be getting a well-rounded night, and of course, requests
are always cheerfully accepted; encouraged, in fact.

Please email me directly with questions! shill[at]
I will be reposting this message on Tuesday Sept 26.

Also, for those interested (as there is a bit of crossover) I am doing a Love
and Rockets night this Wednesday September 20.

[][] [][] Steve Hill Email:shill[at]
[] [] [] Network Communications Specialist
* William Rainey Harper College Fax:708-925-6030
[] [] [] 1200 West Algonquin Road Voice:708-925-6273
[][] [][] Palatine IL 60067-7398 Me? Not allowed? I'm allowed everywhere!

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