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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 14:52:16 -0500 (EST)
From: TRACY PALMA <PALM1624[at]>
Subject: I'm havin' a heart attack!

Date sent: 29-SEP-1995 14:33:48

Ok, today I went over to the campus radio station like I usually do on
Friday afternoons to pick out music to play for tomorrow morning (a lot
easier than figuring it out at 6:30 am). Anyway, since the only Jazz
Butcher cd I've been able to find here is Condition Blue, I decided to weed
through the miscategorized records in the library. Sure enough, I found
some great gems. Finding Cult Of The Basement (my favorite) was nice, but
the BEST thing I found was A Scandal In Bohemia--yes, the record. I just
sat there on the floor and stared at it thinking about how many of us would
kill to have a copy of this thing, as well as the Roadrunner single and the
copy of Bloody Nonsense that I found. I'm still in shock that our little
college radio station even has this stuff. I can't wait to play Caroline
Wheeler's Birthday Present tomorrow! Oh, speaking of which, I had a
question about that song--who's saying all that stuff with the funny voice?
I'm probably going to hate myself for saying this, but if anybody out there
needs copies of Bloody Nonsense and A Scandal In Bohemia, I could borrow
the records from the radio station (I wish I could steal them, but that
would deprive all my fellow students the wondrousness that is the JBC;
besides, I don't want to get caught) You will have to provide
your own tape, plus shiping and handling and an envelope to send them in. I
almost regret making this offer now, because last spring I made an offer on
the Love And Rockets mailing list to tape a few things for people, and some
people didn't send me the right postage (ie, Canadian money--what the HELL
am I supposed to do with that, now?). Well, anyway, if there's any deprived
fans out there that want to hear these albums (I might copy Bloody Nonsense
for myself, since I don't have it either), let me know. :)

* --Tracy

Oh say, here's a silly question--anybody out there actually have any pet
fish named Pat? I was going to name my little Beta that, but he doesn't
look like a Pat. :)

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