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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 07:52:02 +0000
From: "Tintern" <cmorgan[at]>
Subject: Here's the real scoop-and it is good


Here it is.

I just got off the phone with my brother who was probably the first
jazz butcher fan on the continent. He was browsing a record store in
Yorba Linda, CA when he stumbled across a cd version of Scandal in
Bohemia. Get this, the copyright was renewed in 1995 by Restless
records. The first thing he does is fire off a letter to the record
company about his fanship, etc, etc etc.

Restless forwards the letter to jbc and within a week, my brother
gets a phone call from PAT FISH. No shit.They talked for half an hour
and my brother is a goofball so I won't bother you with most of the
conversation, but the upshot is this. Restless records plans to
re-release the ENTIRE JB CATALOG on cdwithin 6 months--straight from
the fish my brothers.

Now my brother would also like to sell some of his many duplicates of
jbc vinyl and cassette. He does not, however, have all the ultra
hipness of the rest of us, and you must therefore depend on the snail
mail. You can write him about what he has and would like to sell at:

Chris Morgan
345 University Dr. K-1
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Don't hesitate to write. Even if you don't want anything, I am sure
he would love to exchange mail with other jbc heads. I know I called
him a goofball; but my brother is really an excellent fellow.

Clark E. Morgan

I am working on my first website, please visit and make comments and suggestions as you see appropriate. I hope to turn it into an electronic magazine for Jacksonville. Point your browser to

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