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Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 23:17:16 -0600 (MDT)
From: SLHKS[at]
Subject: Restless releases?

I got excited (as I'm sure everyone else did at the recent news posted on this
list about Restless Records re-issuing all the old jbc albums on cd. Then I
got suspicious. Call me cynical, but years of searching for jbc discs and
getting blank looks by record store clerks can make a person hardened. Anyway,
I decided to try and confirm the story. I looked up Restless Records home page
on the www. (They maintain quite a nice site, and claim to update it every
Thursday. Don't know the URL right now. Sorry.) It didn't mention anything
about any association with the Jazz Butcher, and Scandal_In_Bohemia was *not*
listed under "recent releases". I then e-mailed the address listed on the
bottom of the page, and recieved this message back a few days later:

* "No news yet as to what will happen between Restless and JBC. I will
* keep you informed.

* -Keith Moran
* Restless Records"

This message doesn't really say a whole lot, does it? Notice that he doesn't
confirm the story. But then, he doesn't deny it either. It does seem to
suggest that there has been some kind of talk, but then, I may be reading that
into it. Anyway, should I hear anything, I'll keep you all informed.

David, can you illuminate us?

-Greg Bair
* slhks[at]

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