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Date: 18 Oct 1995 03:49:00 GMT
From: krevis[at] (Kurt Allen Revis)
Subject: JBC on Chicago commercial radio

DZembower[at] sez:

>This is not really all that interesting, but yesterday while at work, I was
>tuned into WXRT 93 FM (Chicago), and they just so happened to play "The Devil
>is my Friend". I nearly fell to the ground! This is easily the first time I
>have heard a JBC song on any commercial station. Lets hope this is a new

Yeah, XRT's known for playing the JBC now and then. Lin Brehmer (the
morning DJ) used to play "The Devil Is My Friend" all the time. I think
"She's On Drugs" was on their playlist back when it was released, as well--
I used to hear it more than you'd expect.

(Of course, this was all going on back when I was an untravelled high school
student and didn't realize how rare it was to hear the Conspiracy on the air!)

I want a pizza, dammit,

Kurt Revis Out of key. Slightly.
krevis[at] Just enough to annoy you.

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