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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 01:00:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Fogel <mfogel[at]>
Subject: JBC on Chicago commercial radio

On 18 Oct 1995, Kurt Allen Revis wrote:

> Yeah, XRT's known for playing the JBC now and then. Lin Brehmer (the
> morning DJ) used to play "The Devil Is My Friend" all the time. I think
> "She's On Drugs" was on their playlist back when it was released, as well--
> I used to hear it more than you'd expect.
> (Of course, this was all going on back when I was an untravelled high school
> student and didn't realize how rare it was to hear the Conspiracy on the air!)
Same thing here. Toronto station CFNY, back when they were "The Spirit
Of Radio", used to play the JBC all the time. At the time, I thought
they must be bigger than the Smiths. Nice thought, but alas reality
intruded when I headed off to college, just out of CFNY's range. No one
at school knew who the heck I was talking about. When you hear a song on
the radio a lot, cause you listen a lot, you tend to think it's
overplayed but really you've just listened to the radio too much. Well,
something like that.

> I want a pizza, dammit,
Damn right!

> Kurt Revis Out of key. Slightly.
> krevis[at] Just enough to annoy you.


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* happen to me so often after this. I don't want to get so used to falling
* in love that I get curious to experience something more extreme -- whatever
* that may be." -- Douglas Coupland, _Life_After_God_
* MATTHEW M.J. FOGEL (mfogel[at]

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