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Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:07:31 +0000 (GMT)
From: M.G.J.Jenkins[at]
Subject: sumo & lulu

No, really Sumo is a dog (rottweiler, I think) owned by a close
friend of Pats.

And as for Lulu... As I am currently sharing a house with Gabriel
Turner I asked him a little more...
Lulu is a school teacher in france somewhere, the JBC have played a
gig there no less (hundreds of screaming schoolkids!) Pat was also
the best man at Lulu's wedding (This is what Lulu's Nightmare is
about, apparently. Both Pat and Lulu were ever so slightly drunk for
the ceremony, which happened the next day to finishing a tour in the

So there you have (a bit of) it...

As for Gabriel, being registered at Exeter university at the moment,
when he picks up his password he will be on E-Mail. His account
already exists G.A.Turner[at] - but I think he may take a
while getting that password ... you know what musicians are like...

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