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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:50:04 -0800
From: webmaster <del[at]>
Subject: Pascal Legras

for those who missed the meaning of yesterday's message:

> From: ecouble[at] (Frederic Bouilhaguet)
> It's Pascal . I've just seen the JBC Web site.

this is (presumably) *the* jean pierre looney, aka
Pascal Legras - the man responsible for the artwork
for the following JBC records
* Big Planet
* Cult
* Condition Blue
* Unconditional
* Illuminate
and various singles. pascal also has done album art
for other groups, such as the Fall. he did not make
a request to be on the mailing list - he just dropped
the email on us. those wanting to talk with pascal
should contact the above address, coz he won't see
anything posted here.

the world continue to shrink, although it is still
quite large.

"where'd ya get it? from louis welch"

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