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Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 15:50:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: don't cry :)

Date sent: 4-DEC-1995 15:26:11

Well, as much as this whole end-of-the-JBC thing is really depressing and
obviously devestating to some of us, I don't think we have too much to
worry about. Yeah, I whined about it at first too, but I've been thinking
about it more and more and well, it's really not that bad. I mean, it's
safe to say that Pat's not going to pull a Syd Barrett on us and completely
cut himself off from the outside world, and I highly doubt he'll be quiting
the music scene, either. At best, whatever musical venture he decides to do
next could actually be the thing that gains him popularity (look how long
it took for Edwyn Collins to have a hit single), and if that happens, the
interest for re-issuing the JBC back-catalogue will be greater, seeing as
more people will want to buy it. This will also mean that when he tours,
he's less likely to snub North America or Australia. And when he does tour,
I'm sure he'll still be doing JBC songs for a while at least, because the
fans will expect it. Personally, the only regrets I have are that the last
album wasn't released here (US), and that I didn't get a second chance to
see the JBC, because the first time I saw them was the first time I had
heard any of that music. So, if we do get to send messages to Pat for his
birthday (Mr. Turner, are you out there?), instead of saying "Pat, why hast
thou forsaken us?", we should give him some support and words of encouragement.
I mean, I'm sure he probably knows that we're all bummed out about this, and
sending a bunch of messages begging him not to kill the JBC might make him
wonder if we're really as loyal as we like to claim we are. Get it?

* --Tracy

*if there's anyone to feel sorry for, it's my pretty little Beta (that's a
fish, kids). It now appears that I've named him after somebody who's not
going to exist! Wonder if that means he'll cease to exist after the 21? :(
I would have named him Pat, but it just didn't suit him.

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