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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 16:38:46 GMT
From: citystar <citystar[at]>
Subject: Shock, but hope for the future?

Ah well. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy has finally conspired against itself and
it shall be no more after December 21st. After reading the postings recently, I
have to admit being a bit shocked. I have almost grown up with sounds of "Shes
of Drugs", "Caroline Wheeler", thanks to Boothby Graffoe and BBC Radio
Lincolnshire. But, things have to continue, and have to change and adapt to
the world outside, and being a natural optimist this could be the best thing
which can happen. Instead of bemoaning all this, alienating Pat even further
etc, lets just support him. Hes given us all this work, lets not be ungrateful.
And besides, Cult of the Basement is one of the greatest albums of all time!

See ya on the 21st, i'll be the one in either the Leeds United shirt, or a Star
Trek or X Files t-shirt, and a pint of guinness in one hand and a fag in the
other, probably screaming "lobster" or "peewit" or "fish", as you do.
* _ _
* / /
* ______ / /______________________________________
* T H E / F I L E S
* ___ / / ________________________________________
* /_/ _ citystar[at]

"Caroline Wheeler's birthday present is made out of the skins of dead Jim
Morrison's...... thats why it smells so bad."

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