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Slow Day in Racheland

From: John Johnson <>
Date: Wed 14 Feb 1996 - 15:01:26 PST

All tale of twisted JBC devotion:
A few years back, two of "these men of mine" (ie friends) spent 6 months in India; studying language, traveling extensively, and generally offended a sacred rite associated with each of the incarnations of the Hindu gods. Anyhow, they found themselves at the coastal community of Goa, a bit of a tropical paradise, where they befriended some sweet young Catholic ladies on holiday. Being raised in strict Dutch Reformed homes in the USA, the boys were well aware of ecumenical mutual admiration, and in no way wished to offend (in fact, they actually showed proper respect to all faiths encountered on the subcontinent, my above tongue-in-cheek comment notwithstanding). That being the case, and one friend carrying a guitar -battered from too much third class rail travel atop trains - they joined the girls for late-night bonfire/sing-alongs on the beach. Hmmm, Mr. Fish, this is where you come into play: bored with strumming along to the mind-numbing sunday-school songs of his youth, and beyond hope of seducing one of the lasses, my man Derek introduced he had some songs he wished to play, and proceeded to perform lovely - if not well received - versions of "Love Kittens", and (especially lovely I'm told) "The Devil is my Friend". Perhaps one of those girls is now a convert, and subscriber to this list. If so, welcome.

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