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Re: [JBC] - video opportunity - but it will cost..

From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Thu 28 Jun 2001 - 15:27:34 PDT

> the band retains all rights and material as far as i can tell.
> i've attached the original message. let me know what you think.

Hmmm. I'd check his reels before committing. I took a quick look on the GBV site and didn't see any live video. Maybe he can point you to a site where his work has been posted. If it's three cameras unedited, it's going to be a bit of a bugger to generate a final edit of the whole show, isn't it? Might as well just have one camera if it's not going to be edited. But, it would still be nice to have a live video. Either way, if it seems like enough people pool funds for it, I'm in.  

> sad to say, i don't "do" LA. so i'll have to settle for the dual san
> francisco experience.

We debated SF but I was craving a beach encounter so we booked LA. But, we will probably be in SF for Teenage Fanclub later in the month. Are there any decent places to stay near Slim's? I haven't been to SF in at least 15 years, so we'll probably commit a bit more time to that trip.

-Sonia Received on Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:27:34 -0700

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