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Re: [JBC] LA video - it ain't going to happen

From: Mary D White <>
Date: Tue 03 Jul 2001 - 18:48:14 PDT

Hi Dave,

It's john spence, the guy from the beach who went to the east coast shows with his mom and made the audio tapes. I'm glad to hear the band is against it, since it seemed a little fishy (excuse the pun) from the start. I finally have a copy of all my photos for you, and cd's of all the shows I went to philly, IOTA in DC, and NYC. Can you help me get them to the band, before i send any copies to the others at the shows who asked i give them a copy. I want to make sure that the band doesn't want to use them for a live album first. I have Owen Jones' & Steve Valentine's address, but not Max's or Pat's. I have a card or two I'd like to send them. Not only seeing them play, but sharing a beer with them made one of my dreams come true, and I'd never do anything to hurt them.

I know I asked for your mailing address before, but I've got so many damn letters from the JBC mailing list, I can't find it. Could you please let me know again? Please respond to so I don't get confused.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patient.

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001 17:00:11 -0700 (PDT) David Whittemore <> writes:
> the band are actively against it happening.
> sorry to have burdened everyone's patience.
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> -david (
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> don't make me stop this computer

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