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Re: [JBC] alternate store for JBC

From: Tom Zimmer <>
Date: Sat 21 Jul 2001 - 11:45:26 PDT

I used to live in Buffalo too, and shop at Lakeshore when they had a shop in Buffalo (mid to late 80s). Their website pretty much lists everything they've ever stocked. This means they can't really get most of it anymore, but it snags them a lot of hits in search engines. But indeed, there's bargains in their bargain bins in their brick and mortar shop.

On Fri, 20 July 2001, Bill Maciejewski wrote:

> >Lakeshore Record Exchange
> >370 Park Ave
> >Rochester, NY 14607
> Yeah, Lakeshore's a pretty cool store. But I don't honestly think
> I'd get these from there

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