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Re: [JBC] upcoming Wilson gigs

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon 24 Sep 2001 - 16:57:34 PDT

I'm sure this has been discussed and I'm suffering from a leaky braincase, but who's Wilson, apart from sporting goods, and a faceless character on "Home Improvement"?



  • David Whittemore <> wrote:
    > Wilson have a couple of live dates lined up:
    > Sunday 7th October 2001 - The Racehorse, NN1 (free!)
    > Friday 19th October 2001 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (with Saab 77, Curtis
    > E. Johnson and Mrs. Pilgrimm)
    > Wilson appear to be holding steady at a 6 piece line-up and are adding some
    > new tunes for these dates.
    > One of them is a version of a Frank Zappa tune. Christ!
    > Peace,
    > Pat
    > xxx
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